EVOXE Laboratories introduces new first-to-market hardware with the EVOXE Series 3 Vaporizer Collection

Confidently #ChooseTheMood that’s right for you with EVOXE’s purpose-driven blends in their new hardware. The EVOXE Series 3 Vaporizer reflects the most advanced self-contained vaporizing technology available on the market today.

LOS ANGELES, CA: In line with their history of innovation and first-to-market foresight, EVOXE LABORATORIES [“EVOXE”] launches the new EVOXE Series 3 Vaporizer featuring premium hardware technology this week. Awarded “Cannabis Product to Watch in 2017” by the MJIC World Cannabis Conference in Las Vegas in December 2016, EVOXE allows patients to #ChooseTheMood they want whenever they want with the first purpose-driven vaporizers to blend the principles of aromatherapy and cannabis into one sleek, reasonably-priced and portable device.

The Series 3 has a chic new look, EVOXE’s signature velvet touch, discreet size – small enough to fit in a front pocket – and comes ready to use. Simply slide the pen from the box and inhale; no buttons, no charging, no batteries, no cartridges. Immediately evident are the new stainless steel mouthpiece, heating chamber and air-flow components and a window for checking the fill level of the pen. Harder to see is the new ceramic heating element which provides even heat distribution to create the smoothest vapor on the market.

For EVOXE’s three THC products – energizing ENGAGE , relaxing DEEP and smooth STEALTH – each second of inhalation is equivalent to about 2.5 mg of THC. Each pen contains at least 70% THC delivered in up to 100 seconds of use. With zero charge time, long-life expectancy and a completely smooth experience catering perfectly to the mood of your choice, the EVOXE Series 3 is the ideal accessory for micro-dosing and heavy consumption alike. Appreciators of plant medicine both new and old will experience an evolved and bespoke approach to alternative health and medicine with each EVOXE product, along with the highest quality pesticide-free cannabis sourced from small farmers in the Emerald Triangle region of Northern California.

The new Series 3 from Evoxe Laboratories (L-R Balance, Engage, Stealth, Deep, Balance+)

With the release of the Series 3, EVOXE is also moving to a U.S. based CBD isolate supplier. Shi Farms , a state-licensed hemp farm in Colorado, is now the sole provider of the organically-grown CBD isolate found in the EVOXE BALANCE vaporizer, available nationwide.

EVOXE is setting an experiential precedent with their education and wellness-driven approach for future cannabis brands and consumers alike. For more details on the Series 3 vaporizers, individual formulas, ingredients and effects visit EVOXELabs.com.

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