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At Evoxe Labs music fuels our everyday experience and we use music to shape and contour the environments and moods that our days occur within. So over the past few months, we’ve been developing a series of playlists intended as compliments for our current product line. With the launch of Balance+ this week, Evoxe now has 5 unique products and we’re hard at work developing more boutique blends to help you #choosethemood.

Our ENGAGE playlist features an upbeat selection to help you get and stay focused, just like our Sativa vaporizer blended with peppermint and lime. Tune in and feel the energy with tracks from artists as diverse as Tangerine Dream and GoGo Penguin to touchstones of pop culture like Led Zeppelin and A Tribe Called Quest. No genre is discounted, as our story extends beyond any one type of sound or band.

Here’s a few of our mixes to get you started:

One of the things we love most about expressing ourselves through playlists is discovering new music, new bands and new moods. And nothing pairs with music as well as cannabis, except maybe dancing. Our Fresh Tracks playlist is published monthly and contains a healthy dose of new tracks and albums from emerging bands. The latest Fresh Tracks features artist such as Modern Baseball, The Invisible, and Parquet Courts, and be sure to hone in on Tourist, combining old school IDM techniques with new school editing.

But that’s not all….And may the mixtape never die.

Everyday, a huge community of music obsessives comb through vast troves of exquisite lost gems, DJ sets from across the musical universe on platforms such as SoundCloud, MixCloud and others, posting at least one set a day. Follow our Twitter account or the hashtag #Evoxations to find this hidden treasure, everyday. Ranging from 60’s Vinyl to 70’s Krautrock, deep disco cuts and 80’s glam bands, mixed expertly by veterans of the DJ culture scene, past mixes include the Goldroom Verano and Ontono series, Ninja Tune Solid Steel Radio, and the NDYD (Nu Disco Your Disco) Monthly Series.

And of course, be sure to follow us on Spotify, Twitter and Instagram.

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The New GOLD Standard in CBD Vaporization

LOS ANGELES, CA., Evoxe Laboratories, the first company to combine aromatherapy and cannabis, is today announcing the launch of its latest vaporization product, Balance+. Made with organically-grown whole plant CBD extract and blended with Evoxe’s proprietary blend of therapeutic essential oils, Balance+ represents an evolutionary leap in whole plant extract delivery.

Powered by Yolo County-based Yolo Botanicals and organically-grown, therapeutic grade essential oils, Balance+ joins Evoxe’s growing family of cannabis vaporizers situated alongside Engage (Sativa), Stealth (Hybrid), Deep (Indica), and the existing Balance (powered by award-winning Isodiol hemp-derived CBD isolate), Balance+ illustrates Evoxe’s commitment to safe, therapeutic cannabis-derived wellness. By blending all of the naturally occurring CBD, THC, cannabinoids and terpenes from the whole plant extract with the restorative terpenes present in the essential oils, Balance+ hopes to be the most effective CBD vaporizer available in the state of California.

Michael Katz, Evoxe’s President offered the following: “It’s been an incredible experience to hear stories from patients all over the country who have found relief using our Balance CBD vaporizer for all kinds of ailments. Now, we’re elevating our already enhanced entourage effect with more than twice as much CBD and 2% THC to provide maximum relief for our patients.”

Yolo Botanicals Co-Owner Robin Miller had this to add: “Magic arrives once again from Evoxe. Balance+ proves Evoxe’s commitment to quality, innovation and well-being. Partnering with Evoxe is an absolute honor.”

Since its launch last October, Evoxe has seen steady growth in the demand for its products in collectives across the State of California. Evoxe products are currently available in over 60 collectives while its Balance product–which contains zero THC–is carried at retail locations in New York, Arizona, Oregon and Alaska, and is available on its website for nationwide shipping at EvoxeLabs.com/Balance.

Evoxe Laboratories was born from the idea that patients should be able to experience their cannabis in the most holistic, clean and effective way possible. Our cannabis plus essential oil vaporizers are currently available to registered medical marijuana patients in California, and our CBD plus essential oil vaporizers are available nationwide HERE.

Our unique and therapeutic blends have been specifically formulated to enhance the innate properties of each ingredient, and are delivered in the most advanced self contained cannabis vaporizers available.

The result is a completely different and dynamic experience with every product. We include only the highest quality lab-tested cannabis oil and organically grown essential oils in every vaporizer we produce.

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April 20th is the cannabis communities major annual holiday, a time to celebrate our culture in all its wildness and wisdom, its excitement and opportunity. This year, Evoxe is proud to announce that we have partnered up with the fine folks over at MARY MAG: The Mature Voice of Cannabis and The Herbal Chef for their Seasonal Dinner in Los Angeles. We’re looking forward to celebrating in LA all the progress our industry has made in the past year, and gearing up for the changes still to come. The event will be hosted at Mother LA one of Hollywood’s most elegant event spaces. We’re excited to be a part of this gathering of some of the finest brands and personalities in the business today including:

  • Marley Natural
  • Megan Stone’s High Road Design Studio
  • Haikku Design
  • PuffCo
  • Art420

Mary has partnered with Chef Chris Sayegh AKA The Herbal Chef to showcase his infused culinary ability in a multi-course dinner experience for the guests and attendees, while Mary editor in chief Adrian Farquharson will sit down to film interviews with the guests and sponsors. It’s going to be an exciting evening that will showcase the more mature side of cannabis in its myriad forms. We defy stereotypes everyday at Evoxe, and as the march of legalization progresses it is experiences and gatherings such as these that will act as beacons for new patients to safely enter and enjoy the beauty (and deliciousness) of the cannabis plant.

We spoke with Chris in anticipation of the event and wanted to share some of our back and forth with you. You can watch Chris make his Fettucine Alfredo dish on YouTube here.

Chris, what drew you to combine cannabis and cuisine?

Well I never really smoked until I went to college. At UC Santa Cruz is where I developed a relationship with the plant and wanted to learn more about it if I were to ingest every day. I started to do more and more research on the topic and quickly found that we were mislead for a lot of political and financial reasons.  I found out how Cannabis interacted with our Endocannabinoid System and the two receptors in our brain CB1 and CB2. I couldn’t believe that this information was relatively dead in our culture, so I started to write all my research papers on the subject.   From that point I really just hated what edibles were available at the time.  All I saw were rice crispies and brownies that were either way too potent, or there was nothing in them.  I knew that we could do better than that, so I started to create savory dishes.  What I found out by doing that was incredible.  There is so much more to it than just putting budder in the pan and making something with it.  It is a field that truly excited me and is something I take pride in being one of the first to pioneer this space in the capacity I am doing it.  People deserved better.

As a Chef what is the most exciting aspect of working with cannabis? Do you have a preferred cannabis infused ingredient?

I love that I am part of creating a whole new dining experience through cannabis!  It is really exciting and allows for so much creativity.  Beyond that we have the chance to change the way business is done on a large scale.  We have a choice to put morals, values, sustainability at the top of the priority list now to encourage a more wholesome method of business.  We can literally create a brand new economy just off of the hemp plant alone.  Hemp can be used as clothing, textiles, medicine, fuel and more!  It also uses up to 50% less water than traditional crops that convert to the same thing.  This is not just about smoking some weed, this is about our planet as a whole.  We only have so many resources and we need to be conscious of that fact.  As a community we have a chance to do something beautiful.

I also love to experiment and when I am recognized for being the first to discover something (such as the LEAFLY article) it makes the experimentation that much more fun.  I don’t have a favorite infused ingredient yet, but I am on the look for some!

How do you handle dosages?

It really comes down to getting to know your clientele.  I send out a questionnaire to my guests to fill out before the dinner so that I can individually dose everyone without guessing or making someone uncomfortable.  I believe if we are to take this mainstream as an industry we have to take dosing seriously so that we, as an industry are taken seriously.  For first timers I would dose out 10mg between a 10 course tasting menu (roughly 2 hours) which means they will feel the effects ever so slightly over the course of the dinner, rather than a traditional edible where it comes in all at once.  Anybody can get the guests stoned out of their mind, this is more about the finesse, getting a guest just high enough to experience the beauty of the whole experience that was put on. I am literally changing my guests brain chemistry as they are eating, changing their whole perception of the meal as time passes.  To me, that is beautiful.

How do strain and potency work together in your dishes?

The strain and potency have nothing to do with each other.  The Strain is completely irrelevant 99.99% of the time considering that the growers do not actually know the true strain they are using.  At The Herbal Chef, we go off of the terpene profile and the potency results so we can have some consistency.  Certain terpene profiles correlate with an Indica or Sativa, but unless the extractor kept the full terpene profile, most of the time people are mislead into believing an extract is a sativa or indica which is not factual.

Talk to us about flavor profiles and how they influence your choice of dishes, strain pairings, and overall flow of your meals?

You will never taste the extraction in my dishes unless specifically stated.  I do not think Cannabis extraction is a pleasant taste, and when you are using the best ingredients around, it is important to me to keep the integrity of the food at all times.  So the cannabis doesn’t influence the dishes, only the seasons and the theme of the dinner.  The dosage actually plays a large role in the flow of the dinner, how I dose people correlates to the speed of the courses coming in.  As I stated in a previous question, the strain has no relevance in the pairings when it is broken down into its molecular form.

What mood do you like to create in the kitchen when you’re preparing a meal?

Complete focus.  This is not about Cannabis solely.  This is about a dining experience for my guests and they deserve the absolute best.  To be the best, you must focus on your craft.  So my kitchen tends to run very quietly and systematically.  Everything should be clean, quick and beautiful.

Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, or CBD?

I prefer all of them at different times.  When it’s time for me to be creative, I enjoy smoking a sativa.  When I want to sleep, an indica.  If I am lounging around and have nothing to do (which is never) I enjoy a hybrid. CBD is special, I use it as part of my daily diet as a health supplement.

The Evoxe Team wants to thank Chris for taking the time out of his schedule to answer these questions. We’ll be posting a recap of the dinner and you can follow us on social media in the meantime to keep abreast on all our exciting brand activities.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and our email newsletter.

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The dreaded midday slump is all too familiar for many people – and it can be absolutely brutal. You may have been feeling just fine earlier in the day but then 3 p.m. rolls around and the eyelids start getting heavy. The minutes drag by and all you can think about is sleep. So you reach for an energy drink like Red Bull or Monster Energy to help fight off the fatigue when a cup of coffee just won’t cut it. But a surge in energy isn’t the only thing you get when you consume an energy drink – you also get a hefty dose of questionable ingredients that can take a toll on your health! Regularly consuming these drinks can lead to some awful side effects, such as headaches, dizziness, palpitations, nausea, insomnia and more. Yikes!

Although it may seem like energy drinks are the quickest and easiest solution to that midday drowsiness, you don’t have to settle for an energy boost that comes with those nasty side effects. There are much healthier and more natural ways to feel energized throughout the day!

When you’re exhausted and feel like you’ve hit a wall, try some caffeine-free ways to combat your sluggishness: get some fresh air and go for a walk, jog the stairs in your office building, do some stretching at your desk, listen to some upbeat music, or drink plenty of water for a quick pick-me-up! Another non-toxic way to get out of the lull is by using an Evoxe self-contained cannabis oil vaporizer with energizing essential oils. We’ve created our vape pens with several different blends to help you achieve the mood you’re aiming for. Our Engage vape pen contains a blend that’s designed to help you stay focused and keep you going. We combined Sativa oil with Peppermint, Lime, Cypress and Cinnamon because these essential oils are known for being invigorating, uplifting, and mentally stimulating. The Engage vape pen refreshes you while helping to inspire creativity, and giving you that much needed boost in energy and enhanced focus. It may be just what your body and mind needs when you’re battling the midday slump!

So stop letting energy drinks wreak havoc on your body! Ditching these drinks and trading them in for a healthier alternative is a huge step toward improving your health. To learn more about the benefits of Evoxe’s cannabis and essential oil vape pens, visit www.evoxelabs.com.

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Monday, March 21st, 2016

New York, NY. – Oakland-based vaporizer company Evoxe Labs announced that they have struck a partnership with Cloud 99 Vapes, the New York-based vapor retailer, to carry Evoxe’s “Balance” CBD product.

Evoxe Labs’ “Balance” is powered by Isodiol, a 99.6% pure CBD isolate and contains absolutely no THC. This flavorful and holistic self-contained vaporizer blends hemp derived CBD with natural hemp stalk extracts and Frankincense, which refreshes your body, Ylang Ylang, which lifts your mood, Geranium, which cleanses the body of toxins and Tangerine, which awakens the senses.CBD has been reported to act as a natural pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, sleep aid and relaxant.

Balance will be available starting this week.

For more information on Evoxe Labs, we invite you to visit our website EvoxeLabs.com and follow along on our social media networks including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, MassRoots and our own newsletter.

About Cloud 99:

Cloud99 Vapes is New York’s vape shops. We have two locations for your vaping convenience. In the heart of New York City, our urban vape shop in the East Village is easily accessible via public transportation and has a luxurious tasting bar. There we have the full line of Cloud99 Vapes e-Juice, mods, herb and wax vaporizers, parts and accessories. http://cloud99vapes.com/

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Losing Sleep Over Daylight Saving Time? Find Out How an Evoxe Vape Pen Can Help! *and save 20%!!*

Year after year in mid-March, many people around the country dread having to lose an hour of sleep as our clocks “spring forward” for Daylight Saving Time (which is this Sunday at 2 a.m. – don’t forget to set your clocks!). While it’s great to have that extra hour of sunlight in the evening, it’s not so great to mess with our sleep schedules (even if just by an hour).

With Daylight Saving Time, the twice-yearly time change means your body has to adjust to an altered sleep schedule. It can take some people up to a week to adjust! While it may seem like it’s just an annoying nuisance we all have to deal with (unless you’re in Arizona or Hawaii, where they don’t observe DST!), there are actually very real harmful effects that can happen to people during the time change. Every individual responds differently to the change, and certain factors (like age, personal health and sleep habits) can impact the way our body responds.

According to an article posted on the Harvard Health blog, the shift in the body’s sleep-wake cycle can disrupt your sleep for several days, which in some cases can have serious implications. Shockingly, both the American Journal of Cardiology and the New England Journal of Medicine have published studies that showed an increase in heart attacks after the start of DST (attributed to negative effects from loss of sleep)! A Huffington Post article points to research that shows traffic accidents increase around the start of DST, due to an increase in drowsy drivers.

Aside from these dangerous events, the more common results of a disrupted sleep cycle include changes to one’s mood, alertness, concentration, productivity, appetite and many other negative effects that come with poor sleep. It’s been compared to having jet lag but without the fun vacation to make up for it!

One way to help cope with the time change is to go to bed an hour earlier. Of course, this is easier said than done; it can be difficult for some of us to simply go to bed earlier and actually fall asleep. So what can you do? Try doing things that help you unwind and get your mind and body into the ultimate state of relaxation before your desired bedtime! Read a book, write in a journal, take a bath, or meditate – whatever relaxes you. We also suggest trying the Evoxe Deep or Balance vape pen to help you destress and fall asleep. The Deep pen contains the relaxing properties of Indica and lavender oils along with orange oil, which is a safe and natural sedative. The Balance pen, which is legal to use in all 50 states, contains non-psychoactive CBD oil – a powerful relaxant and sleep aid. Use either pen about a half hour before your desired bedtime, and you may just drift off into your best sleep ever – despite the dreaded time change!

Use coupon code DST20 to save 20% on an Evoxe Balance CBD vaporizer through Sunday March 19 to help you get over the shift! CLICK HERE to set up an account, then click HERE to order!

To learn more about the Evoxe Balance and Deep cannabis oil vaping pens, visit www.EvoxeLabs.com.

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The Reviews Are IN! See What Top Cannabis Bloggers & Sites Have to Say about Evoxe Vape Pens

Evoxe Laboratories’ unique line of cannabis oil vaporizers came onto the scene less than a year ago, and the reviews are in (spoiler alert: people love our vape pens)! We’ve received some tremendous feedback lately from bloggers and reviewers who have tried our unique cannabis oil vaporizers. We’re confident in the products we’ve created and brought to the market, so it’s no surprise to us that users are responding so positively about their experiences. From in-depth reviews to inclusion in holiday gift guides, here’s just a taste of what people have had to say about Evoxe:

The Canna Curious Club

In a recent article, the CannaCuriousClub.com team listed their favorite vaporizers, touting them as the most stylish, discreet, effective and high quality vape pens on the market. CCC writer Kristen recommended the Evoxe Balance pen, pointing out the many benefits of CBD (such as pain relief, reducing inflammation, aiding sleep, etc.) and the fact that this particular vape pen (which doesn’t contain THC) can be used legally in any state. Kristen writes that Evoxe has “brilliantly combined this cannabinoid with essential oils such as frankincense, ylang ylang, tangerine and geranium for added medical benefits that also produce a tasty inhale.”

The Northwest Leaf

TheNorthwestLeaf.com published a 2015 holiday gift guide with a carefully curated selection of their top 12 cannabis-related gift ideas. They included Evoxe’s Balance CBD pen, highlighting its unique essential oil blend and the fact that this particular pen can be shipped nationwide.

The Legion of Smoke

In his extensive review on TheLegionOfSmoke.com, Rudiger Jones noted that Evoxe set itself apart in a market saturated with “uninventive,” run-of-the-mill, fruit-flavored vape pens. He enjoyed the unique flavor blends of our essential-oil infused vape pens (especially the Engage sativa blend), calling it a “more mature smoking experience than you may be used to.” Aside from the great taste, he was drawn to the aesthetics and design of Evoxe vape pens. Calling the pens “sleek and attractive,” he pointed out that you could easily take them out in public because they look so much like a standard e-cig. He concluded, “Evoxe Laboratories has struck the right balance between great design and providing a smooth and potent smoking experience…trust me, you’re going to love them.”


Chris from Marijunomics.com tried out the Balance CBD vaporizer pen, and wrote a review along with filming a video review last month. Calling the Evoxe vape pens an “outstanding little piece of vaporizer technology,” Chris described them as high-quality, aesthetically pleasing, and incredibly powerful. He commented on the fact that the self-contained vape pens are portable and lasted for quite some time. Like many users, Chris enjoyed the vapor blend taste, calling it pleasant and comparable to a “nice, soothing tea.” As for pain relief, Chris said using the Balance pen helped with his wrist aching. His overall impression? “Evoxe knocked this product line out of the park.”

Thought for Your Penny

Brian Penny, the blogger behind ThoughtForYourPenny.com, gave readers his two cents on Evoxe’s Engage sativa blend vaporizer. Brian is very particular about his vape pens, saying they need to fulfill a “laundry list” of needs to be deemed top notch. And the Evoxe vape pen met those needs; in his review, Brian graded it an A+ and called it one of his favorite vape pens across the board. “Everything about this product is a home run, from the organic oils, clean and classic packaging, #ChooseTheMood social media campaign – this is the first vape pen I’ve used thus far that’s sexier than a cigarette. It’s the iPhone of vape pens.”

In addition to the positive reviews, Evoxe has received some great press coverage. mg Magazine, a printed business-to-business magazine focusing on the cannabis industry, recently published an article about Evoxe that takes an in-depth look at the evolution and rapid success of Evoxe and the defining factors that set our company apart – innovation (combining the benefits of aromatherapy and cannabis vaping for a more effective medicating experience), simplicity (perfecting the vaporizer hardware and design for a no-fuss delivery system) and communication (making it easy for customers to choose which vape pen to use based on how they want to feel). JPG’s of the full article are below.

We’ll keep you posted on more of these fantastic reviews and articles as they come in! Check out more details about Evoxe’s line of cannabis oil vape pens here: https://evoxelabs.com/products/

Find out for yourself what everyone’s raving about: order an Evoxe Balance CBD vaporizer today.  Balance is THC-free and ships nationwide! Click HERE to order, and enter the coupon code review20 for 20% off your first order!

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