Hello from all of us here at Evoxe Labs! As the Winter winds down to Spring we just put the finishing touches on our new website and we’re unveiling it to all of you. In addition to a brand new sleek layout that allows you to glide through our products and testimonials with ease, there are new sections that give you a deeper look at our ingredients so that you can educate yourself on just how much you are enhancing these given moods. Our map of locations has also doubled in size so you can find our wellness products all over medical states and our CBD line #Balance all over the country. As the proverbial cherry on top, we’ve added a #ChooseTheMood section where you can find our Spotify mixes that were created as a companion to use with our pens, allowing your mood to be fully immersive.

The clock is also ticking down to our third installment of Emerald Exchange to be held on March 18th at the same gorgeous property for the second time in a row. We are now starting to add new artists every week as well as activities to take place throughout the day such as a panel taste test and a meet and greet with the all female DJ lineup! The EE website is also brand new and being updated weekly so don’t forget to check in there and see how things are progressing. Tickets are on sale now and start at the very low price of $50 with tiered ticketing that goes up to a full $600 VIP experience. However you wish to experience the event is up to you, but you have to get there no matter what!

Lastly, did you know you can order our entire line of vaporizers online in California with a State ID and Medical Rec card? Well now you know! Join the collective and bring #ChooseTheMood straight to your door.

That’s all for now. We’ll be sure to post when the v2 site goes live and give you the full virtual tour. Take care of each other out there and no matter what life may throw at you, you have the freedom to #ChooseTheMood and change your world as you see fit.