Losing Sleep Over Daylight Saving Time? Find Out How an Evoxe Vape Pen Can Help! *and save 20%!!*

Year after year in mid-March, many people around the country dread having to lose an hour of sleep as our clocks “spring forward” for Daylight Saving Time (which is this Sunday at 2 a.m. – don’t forget to set your clocks!). While it’s great to have that extra hour of sunlight in the evening, it’s not so great to mess with our sleep schedules (even if just by an hour).

With Daylight Saving Time, the twice-yearly time change means your body has to adjust to an altered sleep schedule. It can take some people up to a week to adjust! While it may seem like it’s just an annoying nuisance we all have to deal with (unless you’re in Arizona or Hawaii, where they don’t observe DST!), there are actually very real harmful effects that can happen to people during the time change. Every individual responds differently to the change, and certain factors (like age, personal health and sleep habits) can impact the way our body responds.

According to an article posted on the Harvard Health blog, the shift in the body’s sleep-wake cycle can disrupt your sleep for several days, which in some cases can have serious implications. Shockingly, both the American Journal of Cardiology and the New England Journal of Medicine have published studies that showed an increase in heart attacks after the start of DST (attributed to negative effects from loss of sleep)! A Huffington Post article points to research that shows traffic accidents increase around the start of DST, due to an increase in drowsy drivers.

Aside from these dangerous events, the more common results of a disrupted sleep cycle include changes to one’s mood, alertness, concentration, productivity, appetite and many other negative effects that come with poor sleep. It’s been compared to having jet lag but without the fun vacation to make up for it!

One way to help cope with the time change is to go to bed an hour earlier. Of course, this is easier said than done; it can be difficult for some of us to simply go to bed earlier and actually fall asleep. So what can you do? Try doing things that help you unwind and get your mind and body into the ultimate state of relaxation before your desired bedtime! Read a book, write in a journal, take a bath, or meditate – whatever relaxes you. We also suggest trying the Evoxe Deep or Balance vape pen to help you destress and fall asleep. The Deep pen contains the relaxing properties of Indica and lavender oils along with orange oil, which is a safe and natural sedative. The Balance pen, which is legal to use in all 50 states, contains non-psychoactive CBD oil – a powerful relaxant and sleep aid. Use either pen about a half hour before your desired bedtime, and you may just drift off into your best sleep ever – despite the dreaded time change!

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